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5 Quick Ways to Build a Coaching Culture

Do you have a team of individuals where the stellar performance of a few is carrying the weight of the under-par performers? You had tried everything from incentivising them to giving them ultimatums but nothing seemed to work. Unfortunately, the option of letting them go often prove to be not viable since it will inevitably impose a heavier load on the rest of the team.

To effectively tap on the power of coaching and to optimise the performance of every employee, every team needs to establish a structured approach towards coaching.

Here are 5 quick steps that you can take.

1.  Establish a coaching plan that spells out who will be a coached, when they will be coached and the outcomes/goals of each coaching session.

2. Monitor the performance of a coachee in the days/weeks that follow to ensure that the coachee is demonstrating the requisite competencies. Be quick to give constructive feedback and avoid words like “for the zillionth time, I have highlighted …”

3. Schedule regular meet-ups where coaches can share with each other their experiences. What worked for them? What were some challenges for them? How did they overcome these difficulties?

4. Consolidate the benefits/outcomes that were derived as a result of coaching. This could include increased sales performance, higher employee morale, and achievement of other organisational goals.

5. Equip yourself and your team with the skills and know-how of being a coach