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The importance of effective communication can never be underestimated. Proficiency in communication skills can be learnt and reduces the potential for conflict as well as facilitates better work practices and customer satisfaction.

Beacon Consulting designs programmes that aim to equip participants with relevant skills required for effective communication. They will learn the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication, the importance of interpersonal dynamics in communication, effective methods of delivering presentations or training programmes.

powerful presentation skiills

Since almost everyone knowingly or unknowingly presents something to someone at some point, the need to equip individuals with Powerful Presentation Skills becomes key.  Be it a sales presentation to customers or a presentation to the board, this programme equips individuals with skills of presenting information using the P.O.W.E.R. framework.

effective communication skills

Communicating effectively with others requires more than a mutual exchange of information. It requires an understanding of the different factors that impact a message and what needs to be done to ensure that information is understood in the way it is supposed to be. In this workshop, participants will be equipped with skills relating to verbal, non-verbal and written communication.  

impactful training techniques

Impactful training occurs only when participants walk out of the session with raving reviews of the programme and are able to transfer the learning to the workplace.  Impactful Training Techniques has been designed for trainers by trainers.  During the workshop, some of the skills that participants will learn include conduct of ice-breakers / energisers, content sharing, instruction giving, story-telling skills, use of metaphors and music, etc.

writing winning replies

For many individuals, the widespread use of emails as a medium of communication makes effective writing skills one of the most important skill that one should possess.  Writing Winning Replies equips individuals with the golden rules of writing, as well as a strong understanding of the structure of email and letter writing, grammar and tone of the message.

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