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Data Analytics – no longer a term confined to business or scientific research. Data analytics has permeated all aspects of our modern lives but yet, this influence of analytics on our lives is often opaque and indiscernible. So how has analytics impacted our lives, really?

We take a look at one of the more popular sport globally – the English Premier League and see how the game of football has evolved (with data analytics) with clubs and fans alike becoming better informed and “smarter”.

During each telecast, fans are treated to displays of radar charts on each player’s attributes, heat maps of players’ movement in a pitch, trend data of the past 5 matches’ results but all that merely make up the tip of the iceberg of analytics employed during each season.

From a club’s perspective, data analytics play a vital part in determining their level of success. With access to huge quantities of behavioural patterns and data through player-tracking softwares, the clubs’ analysts evaluate patterns and the probability of success for each match based on a host of attributes such as players’ positions, tactics, speed, passing and many other behavioural patterns. In-depth data analytics has enabled clubs to look for indicators that quantify a player’s performance and potential. In addition, combining wearable technology with data analytics has enabled the clubs’ physiotherapists to establish the risk of a player getting injured at any given time.

In a highly competitive landscape, where every industry player is looking for opportunities to place themselves ahead of the pack, it is key to leverage on data analytics. Here are three simple steps to get you and your organisation started on this journey:

  1. Identify the key pieces of information that you need to make an informed decision. This could be something as simple as what is the time taken for a customer to complete a transaction on the website.
  2. Explore solutions that can help you track and analyse this data. This could achieved by placing cookies on your website or using exciting software that show heatmaps.
  3. Address the gaps that you have identified. If the user has difficulty navigating the various tabs to find the information that they are looking for, then these areas need to be addressed quickly.

While the sky is the limit in terms of what data analytics can do for your organisation, it would be wise to focus on what is important and do something about it. To learn more about how your organisation can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging on deep industry insights, give us a call!

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