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Where branding is concerned, a company’s reputation will precede it. A strong and renowned brand contributes towards customer loyalty. There is even evidence to suggest that customers may be positively biased towards companies for the brand that they stand for. With a strong brand name, other companies will be competing in the company’s home court. Conversely, a company with a weak brand name will always be benchmarked against competitors with a stronger brand name.

Many organisations would ask themselves questions like “What is our brand's penetration?”, “Is our brand well-differentiated from the others in the marketplace?” or “Will our brand continue to be strong over the next 3 to 5 years?”  Brand Tracking will provide organisations with answers to these questions.  Organisations, that have just embarked on the journey to track their brand, realise that the insights that they receive provide them with a baseline measurement of their brand attributes.  With a long-term brand tracking study, organisations are able to leverage on findings pertaining to brand value, brand positioning, brand perception, etc. 

At Beacon Consulting, we understand the impact of a strong and renowned brand name.  We listen to our clients and offer a customised approach towards tracking your brand equity.  We aim to ensure that our clients get the data they need to know and for the purposes they need it for.

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