Why Business Continuity Planning?

It has become increasingly critical for organisations to plan and operate seamlessly, especially in times of uncertainty. Business continuity planning (BCP) helps an organisation to continue operating in the event of major disruptions, economic downturns, bad publicity, cyber-attacks, data breaches or technology failures. Having a good BCP also protects the viability and business interests of your organisation.

This highly engaging and interactive 1-day programme provides participants with a comprehensive understanding, practical tools, and considerations for an effective development of a BCP in a rapidly changing world. At the end of the programme, participants will have the hands-on opportunity to put together a BCP for the organisation with the templates provided.

Key Benefits

  • Understand why planning for Business Continuity is critical of every business.
  • Equip participants with a solid appreciation of how to develop a Business Continuity Management System, it’s main elements, documentation and implementation.
  • Have a working understanding of how to develop a Business Continuity Plan.

Who should attend?

  • Leadership Team
  • Management Staff
  • Business Owners
  • Senior Managers

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

Get your own BCP Template now for a nominal sum of S$50

The purpose of this plan is to establish the recovery process in order to swiftly restore your business operations. The plan details procedures for responding to an emergency situation. 

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