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LimitationsThere are no such thing as limitations. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Your own views of what is, and what is not possible. Your own standards of the greatness you want to achieve. Your desire to sacrifice more than your competition.Your belief in yourself. It might be hard, but it is much harder living a life, less than your expectations.

by Testo

Why do some “Crush It” while others get crushed? Why do some people consistently ACHIEVE their goals while others simply STRUGGLE to even start setting goals? Grit? Commitment? Luck?

“Crushing It” has been designed with all the trappings of your store-bought motivational package with one exception – it works! It works because you aren’t told unreasonable stories and told to excel, rather shown the steps that need to be taken. If you can muster the courage and strength to try, what do you have to lose? Learn to set SMART goals, achieve them, face adversity, overcome them, and go on to lead the way for others.

The programme is targeted at anyone looking to make a change for the better in their lives, whether you are a mid-career professional navigating a world of change, or a business charting your path forward. Incorporate the best practices of those who have faced adversity, feel the power their lessons teach, get motivated, and learn how to stay the course.

When         : 16 JULY 2020

Time           : 8PM SINGAPORE TIME 

Duration   : 45 minutes

Where        : via Zoom

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Zack Bana

Co-founder of Beacon/Motivational Trainer

Hi, I am Zack.

I bring to the table more 25 years of experience working with individuals and organisations to help them realise their fullest potential.

My team and I built this programme because we realised in this strange stay-home / work from home world, many individuals and organisations are doing some serious soul-searching. They have had epiphanies and realised there are new goals they want to achieve in the years ahead.

Through this programme, I hope you learn how to set goals, engineer wins and keep raising the bar of success. It is not easy, but anything worth doing in life is rarely easy. This programme has helped to achieve goals and get out under dark clouds. Life is a genuine struggle and we face obstacles constantly, but we must always try and seize every opportunity for a better tomorrow.

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Whether you are a mid-career professional navigating a world of change, or a business charting your path forward, it’s never too late to start Crushing it!

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