Customer Centricity

While the necessity of being customer-focused is much talked about and is imperative in the current competitive environment, few organisations have embarked on this journey in a way that yields meaningful results.  Worse still, some organisations will lean towards a training solution as the answer to building a customer-centric organisation.

Building an organisation that is driven by customers’ needs and expectations requires more than ad-hoc training programme or one-off service quality initiative.  It requires a fundamental re-think of the way in which service is being provided to customers. This would include a review of strategy and processes, training, coaching, rewards, monitoring, etc.

At Beacon Consulting, our unique approach towards building a customer-centric organisation has resulted in long-term benefits for our clients and their customers. In addition, it has also been recognised as a world-class best practice for many organisations.  

Our team of consultants provide consultancy for ...

Customer Centric Initiative

Embed service excellence into everything that is done by embarking on the Customer Centric journey.  Our holistic approach ensures that the strategy is defined, processes are aligned, staff are equipped and the culture continues to build from strength to strength.

Singapore Quality Award

Receive a recognised award for Business Excellence.  Our team of consultants work with our clients to address the gaps that are identified, prepare for the audit and ultimately ensure that they achieve the award. 

Service Class Certification

Join many of our clients in being recognised for service excellence.  The S-Class is a mark of achievement by organisations for having in place the core elements that drive customer satisfaction. 

Customer Engagement Analysis

Explore how to build customer loyalty and lasting relationships through our Customer Engagement Analysis.  We help our clients in conducting an analysis to identify areas where engagement and relationships could be enhanced.

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