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Weaving service successfully into the fabric of daily operations does not occur overnight.  For an organisation to reach the peak in service, it needs to establish a customer-focused culture that permeates the entire organisation where every employee lives and breathes service in everything that they do.

Beacon Consulting equips participants with the essentials of service quality by engaging them at the emotive level – individually and collectively.  In addition to imparting skills, our programmes address the mindset – the key to building a culture of service excellence.

service starts with me

The quest for service excellence starts with individuals possessing a service mindset.  Employing a highly-experiential methodology to impact participants at the emotive level, this programme leaves lasting impressions and the understanding that nothing short of WOW! service needs to be delivered.

the art of service

While Learning Needs Analysis is carried out by many organisations, few are able to value-add to this process. Having worked with many organisations, with the aid of technology and profiling, we can analyse and provide you with findings that are aligned to your organisation’s core competencies.

the 8a's of service

In a retail setting, employees need to appreciate the important service attributes that will impact a customer’s perception of the organisation.  The 8A’s of Service ensures that participants are equipped with the necessary skills to delight customers, from the moment that they step into a store till the moment that they step out.  The skills include how to project a good first impression during “approach”, provide “assistance”, manage the “aftersales” attribute, etc.

call agents' skills programme

In a call centre setting, employees become the first point of contact for enquiries or issue resolution.  Therefore, it becomes vital for these employees to project a positive image of the organisation.  Call Agents’ Skills Programme equips participants with the required know-how for providing great service through the phone. 

telephone skiills

Regardless of whether employees are undertaking frontline duties or back-end operations, it is imperative to equip every employee with the core skills of telephone handling.  Receiving calls, transferring calls, taking messages, tone of voice are just some of the skills participants will be equipped with.

handling difficult customers

As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.  In this workshop, participants will be equipped with the skills associated with handling irate customers.  Participants will learn how to manage emotions, diffuse difficult situations and ultimately, resolve the issue amicably.

thanks for the feedback

Be it over the phone, face-to-face or in written form, customers frequently give feedback to employees or the organisation on the service rendered.   However, few are equipped with the skills of handling feedback in a way that turns customers into loyal advocates.  In this programme, participants learn how to respond to customer feedback in a way that reflects positively on the organisation.

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