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While many organisations focus on their customers to drive the growth of their bottom lines, there are also those that overlook the importance of engaging the employees to drive the organisation’s growth in the long run.

How passionate do employees feel about the organisation that they play a role in growing? Are employees emotionally connected to the fate and fortune of the organisation?  Is the organisation merely another stepping stone?

Disconcerting as Employee Engagement Surveys may seem, their results provide an unparalleled gauge of the internal growth of the organisation through its greatest asset, ie. People.  Engaged employees are driven and motivated individuals, who will perform Herculean feats. On the other hand, disengaged employees ride on the tailcoats of their colleagues and the organisation.

For more than 10 years, Beacon Consulting’s “Connect Employee Engagement Survey” has uncovered many unexpected yet interesting insights for many of our clients. Our well-designed and targeted questions allows us tap into the hearts and the minds of employees.  Organisations could then understand how engaged their employees really are and also why they feel that way. Coupled with our experience in training and management consultancy, we understand how employees feel and also how to turn the tides of employees’ emotions.

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