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Everything you need to know about Mystery Shopping

What you don’t know can and will hurt you in the future. Knowing how your staff operates and what your customers experience in your stores is key in keeping your business afloat in today’s’ increasingly competitive market.

Mystery Shopping offers to give you a first-hand look on what your customers experience, measure specific and observable behaviour of your staff and give you insight on what needs improvement.
Before starting your Mystery Shopping journey remember  A-U-D-I-T.

A – Aspiration

There are infinite insights to gain from Mystery Shopping, before embarking on this journey it is important that you have a clear objective and know precisely what you’re looking for. Are you checking for customer service standards, benchmarking competitors, whatever it is be extremely clear. 

U – Understanding

Understanding who your customers are is key to a successful Mystery Shopping Audit. Who are your current customers, who are your potential customers? Define their profiles, needs and buying habits. Once you have all the details you can design the Mystery Shopping checklist. 

D – Deployment

After defining your customers, it’s time to choose the suitable Mystery Shoppers. You will have a range of personas depending on your product, keep in mind that they must be believable and genuine. Deployment also involves playing out different scenarios in order to get the results you are looking for.

I – Insights

To measure results, you need to determine which method will suit your objective best. A quantitative approach will focus on numerical data that can be tallied and analysed while a qualitative approach will dive into the specifics of your goal and will need observable details as data.

T – Timeliness

Mystery shopping aims to find the gaps between customers and your business. With the data gathered you can pinpoint specific areas to improve on and grow your business even more. Ultimately the goal is to continue to improve even after the mystery audits. 

Find out more about our Mystery Shopping interventions or how to become a mystery shopper yourself. Call us at 6873 9768 or email us at customercare@beacon.com.sg