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Focus Groups provide our clients with a myriad of information pertaining to the area that they wish to investigate. It allows a select group of individuals to share their thoughts, views, perceptions, beliefs, expectations and attitude towards the product or service offered by the organisation.   These individuals would include those whom our clients feel would have a significant impact towards their corporate goals and objectives.  Since participants of a focus group discussion are never pre-empted about the sort of questions that they will be asked and their responses are always spontaneous, it is often thought as one of the best forms of qualitative data that an organisation can obtain.

At Beacon Consulting, we believe that data collected from a focus group discussion can be applied in two different and yet equally impactful ways.  The focus group discussion can serve as the starting point of data collection, in which the findings are used to identify the high priority areas for action.  Subsequently, the client may wish to follow up with other forms of research to ascertain the current and ideal state of these areas pinpointed.  On the other hand, a focus group session can also take place after a large-scale qualitative research has been carried out, and the numbers have indicated the areas that would require more in-depth analysis.

Whichever way our client chooses to conduct the focus groups, our ultimate goal is to provide extensive data which helps the client to identify and work on very specific areas, in their efforts to achieve organisational excellence.

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