Human Capital Management

Successful organisations have long realised that the engine that helps them scale greater heights is its people resources.  Yet, few organisations give sufficient thought on the drivers of employee engagement.

The need for shorter learning curves, greater productivity and efficiency, ability for individuals to multi-task and becoming the “employer of choice” requires a strategic view to the management and development of Human Capital.  This would include the quality of people who are employed,  the developmental roadmap for employees, linking of strategies to the performance of each individual team member and succession planning.

At Beacon Consulting, we have worked with numerous organisations to help them harness their people power.  Our team of consultants provide expert advice and facilitate the implementation in areas such as:

Job fit consultancy

Ensure that you have gotten the right person for the job based on the competencies required to effectively undertake a particular role.  We work with clients in defining / re-visiting job roles, crafting role definitions and profiling candidates.

learning needs analysis

While Learning Needs Analysis is carried out by many organisations, few are able to value-add to this process.  Having worked with many organisations, with the aid of technology and profiling, we can analyse and provide you with findings that are aligned to your organisation’s core competencies.

development of competency road maps

Ensuring that employees are equipped with the right competencies at the right time is key to ensuring continued growth both for the individual and the organisation.  We help organisations develop competency roadmaps based on the employee’s job role.

aligning performance management systems

Over a period of time, there is a risk that the existing performance management system is no longer keeping pace with developments in the external environment and triggers dissatisfaction among staff.  We help organisations review their Performance Management Systems to ensure relevance and consistency. 

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