From Suspects to Prospects

When we hear about prospecting over the phone, or more commonly referred to as “cold calling”, we often imagine having to pick up the phone, calling someone whom we don’t know, and pushing a product or service to that person. But is “cold calling” really just that? The answer is a definite No.

Most sales people fail miserably when prospecting over the phone due to a host of reasons including: 

  • Not knowing your personal prospecting style
  • Insufficient pre-call planning 
  • A very poor opening 
  • Failure to share the “compelling reason” quickly 
  • Inability to make it into a 2-way communication 
  • Poor positioning of the call for action 
  • Inability to deal with objections 

From Suspects to Prospects is a programme designed to equip new and experienced staff with the core skills of prospecting. The programme employs a highly practical approach and a combination of learning methodologies to ensure participants are able to internalise and apply the knowledge quickly.

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