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At Beacon Consulting, we understand the importance an organisation places on developing leaders to their fullest potential and the desire to help these individuals unleash their leadership potential.  The risk of being led by an individual who demonstrates poor leadership traits is unthinkable.

Over the past decade, we have helped organisations hone the skills of the bright sparks and groom future leaders to their fullest potential.  Proven techniques, combined with tried-and-tested methodologies, have yielded an impressive track record in improving the performance of leaders at different levels.

visionary leadership

This is a highly engaging workshop that explores the practical aspects of leadership with an emphasis on looking beyond the immediate.  Leaders will be equipped with skills relating to paradigm shift, building change coalitions and inspiring others towards the shared vision.

leading the way

Perfection comes through practice.  During this workshop, managers will be progressively introduced to the “5 Traits of Leadership”.  By the end of the workshop, they would have mastered the core leadership skills such as motivating employees, handling conflicts and building trust.

stepping into leadership

A foundation leadership course targeted at newly promoted supervisors who are new to the leadership role.  In addition to understanding some fundamentals of leadership, participants will be introduced to skills such as core roles of leaders, building spirited teams and coaching.

personal leadership

Many would associate leaders as the “big bosses” of an organisation.  This unique programme has been designed to bring out the best in anyone, both managers and non-managers.  With a focus on how an individual perceives the world around him, this programme covers topics like activate the leadership mind, leadership styles, make a difference to the lives of others, etc.

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