Leadership and Transformation

For an organisation to remain competitive in the long run, a key enabler is the aptitude of the leadership team and their ability to help the organisation re-invent itself in a way that makes competitors redundant.  At Beacon Consulting, we believe great leaders make great organisations.  Our time-tested approaches have helped numerous organisations in building current and future capacity of their leaders.

The starting point is an assessment of the current leadership skill matrix, identification of gaps through our Multi-dimensional Feedback Inventory (“MDFI”), and addressing these shortfalls that leave enduring results.  Next, we enable the leadership team with core skills through Executive Coaching or development programmes.  Finally, the leadership team is involved in our Trailblazing Workshop Series in order to acquire the skills and knowhow of transformational change.

Over the years, we have helped many organisations in the areas of Leadership and Transformation through our interventions ...

multi-dimensional feedback inventory (MDFI)

Everyone has blind spots – including leaders.  The key is to ensure that these blind spots are identified and such gaps are addressed.  Employing the MDFI tool, leaders are able to obtain unreserved feedback from their superiors, peers, and colleagues, and take actions based on the feedback.

leadership traits assessment inventory (ltai)

Knowing if an employee has the necessary traits of being a good leader is imperative.  It allows for channelling the right resources into people who have potential.  The LTAI assesses leaders based on globally accepted leadership traits and provides an in-depth analysis for evaluation purposes.

trailblazing transformations

Enabling leaders with the necessary know-how to think futuristic is no easy feat.  Yet, for an organisation to propel to greater heights, this is a core skill. Through a series of workshops, leaders are equipped with the skills of being “futurists” thereby enabling them to become transformational thinkers.

leadership coaching

Over a period of time, there is a risk that the existing performance management system is no longer keeping pace with developments in the external environment and triggers dissatisfaction among staff.  We help organisations review their Performance Management Systems to ensure relevance and consistency. 

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