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Ideally, all managers and supervisors should be able to understand the goals, motivation drivers, strengths and limitations of their team members so that they could bring out the best from the team.   However, the truth of the matter is that most managers and supervisors are promoted to management and supervisory roles by virtue of their technical competence in their earlier roles.  Many of them lack the people management skills required. [More Information]

Our range of Managerial and Supervisory programmes aims to ensure that managers and supervisors are equipped with the skills of unleashing the potential of their team members.

managing, motivating and making it happen

The single most important factor in building spirited teams lies in the way team members are managed.  During this workshop, participants will learn how to develop their managerial skills including goal setting, inspiring and motivating others, delegation and fostering teamwork.

coaching, counseling and conflict management

It is not during the good times, but the challenging times that put teams to a test.  Leaders will learn how to set and manage expectations of their team members, give feedback, demonstrate assertive behaviours and manage conflicts in a way that leads to constructive outcomes.

competency-based interviewing skills

A manager’s or supervisor’s nightmare would be having to deal with employees who do not possess the right competencies.  Therefore, it is imperative to recruit the right candidates.  This workshop will provide participants with a structured approach towards interviewing using a competency-based approach.

retail management skills

Managing in a retail setting requires more than a sound understanding of the products and services offered.  It requires the individual to develop entrepreneurial thinking skills without neglecting the human aspects. This workshop equips managers of retail outlets with skills such as people management, customer relationship management, setting and monitoring key performance indicators, managing the financials of the operations, etc.


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