Beacon Consulting’s motivational sessions are power-packed with down-to-earth content, humour and most importantly information that can be immediately applied to the daily lives of almost everyone. Be it an upcoming retreat, training session, or a high-level management meet, our inspiring sessions create a refreshing change.

Change! Take it Personally

In today’s every-changing world, successful change is no longer an option but a critical necessity. It is commonly believed that organisations which cannot execute successful change will undoubtedly cease to exist – it’s just a matter of time.  In this session, participants will learn the 8-step approach towards implementing change at the organisational or individual level.  Most importantly, participants will learn how to sustain and support the momentum of change.

Practices of Service GEMS

Why have some organisations perfected the art of providing excellent service to customers while others can’t seem to build the much desired service culture?  Having conducted more than 10,000 service audits for organisations across the Asia-Pacific, in this workshop, participants will learn the best practices of Service GEMS and the key behaviors associated with excellent frontline service.

Reach for the Stars

Every great sales person knows no matter how great a particular product or service is, the deal can never be closed is you cannot identify your customer’s hot buttons.  As obvious at it seems, most salespeople simply seem to miss the point.  Through this highly engaging seminar, participants will boost their sales by employing some of today’s most modern consultative / solution selling methodologies.

Service Recovery in Action

Contrary to popular belief, service recovery goes beyond simply making things right for customer when thing have gone terribly wrong.  Service breakdown situations are opportunities for organisations to demonstrate to customers how important they really are and to what extent the organisation is prepared to go to maintain these customers. In this session, participants will learn the importance of customer retention and the “how to” of service recovery.

Unleashing Your Passion

Having passionate people is the single most important factor that contributes towards success.  Yet, many organisations suffer from the lackluster morale and sentiment at the workplace.  In this session, participants will appreciate the various elements that drive passion at the workplace and use the techniques imparted to inject passion in everything they do.

1. These sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of any audience. 

2. The illustrations and content can be customised.

3. If you would like us to conduct a session on a particular subject that you have in mind, we would be happy to discuss further.  Simply drop us at email at


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