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The only way to stay on top of the game, in service excellence, is to regularly monitor and review the level of customer service provided to customers. The most beneficial aspect of a mystery audit is that it captures raw observations from a customer’s point of view and at the same time encompasses customer’s expectations.

Having worked with numerous organisations, we are aware that all customers have their own set of needs and expectations.  At the same time, we could also find a common thread across all the customers’ expectations.  In a mystery audit project, audit checklists first need to be designed based on the profile of the organisations’ customers, the customers’ expectations and industry standards.  Subsequently, mystery auditors are then trained so that they are attuned to the organisation’s business environment and the guidelines set in the mystery audit checklist.  They are then assigned to “test” the service provided by the organisation.  These mystery auditors are also matched against the profile of the customers of the organisations.  This is to ensure that each organisation is audited by their “typical customer”.

At Beacon Consulting, we work hand-in-hand with our clients in their journey towards service excellence.  In designing the mystery audit checklists, we will include the service attributes which are important to customers and will contribute towards customer advocacy.  Each visit and subsequent assessment yield both quantitative and qualitative insights on areas with good performance, and at the same time highlighting areas for improvement.  In order to help our clients gauge their service level, we are also able to provide benchmarking data with similar sectors or the industry as a whole.

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