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“Performance appraisal” is a familiar term to many people in an organisation.  In fact, it is a taboo word to some as it conjures negative thoughts.  Many see performance appraisal as that once-a-year form filling process.   Some walk out of an appraisal session with smiles, while others may be in tears.  Instead of focusing on that “performance appraisal”  session, all managers and supervisors should embrace “performance management” as a process that will help the organisation as well as everyone grow.

Performance management and coaching bring out lasting improvements in individuals by ensuring that individuals, teams and the organisation know what and how they should do and take responsibility for what they achieve.  The objective is to encourage team members who perform well and to develop and challenge those who do not.   We have helped numerous organisations in equipping individuals in the managerial and supervisory capacity hone their performance management and coaching skills.

managing for peak performance

Performance management goes beyond the annual review of an individual’s performance.  It requires a holistic approach.  This workshop aims to equip managers with the skills of unleashing the potential of their team members.  Participants will develop a sound appreciation of the performance management process, coaching, performance review and motivation drivers.

the peak performer

Achieving peak performance requires commitment on the part of the manager as well as the staff.  In this workshop, the focus is on the individual rather than the manager.  Participants will appreciate what they need to do in order to bring themselves to the peak of their performance.  Participants will learn how to complement their managers’ efforts in the performance management process.  They will understand how to set their own goals, receive feedback with an open mind, ask questions to find out more about the managers’ review of his performance and develop action plans to act on the feedback received.    

optimising performance through coaching

This workshop is ideal for managers and even subject matter experts who need to coach others to equip them with certain skill-set.  Research has proven that there is a direct relationship between coaching and performance.  During this workshop, participants will learn the core skills of a coach.  The skills include managing expectations, fact finding, listening to the needs of the individuals, appreciating the learning style of the individual, giving constructive feedback, etc.

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