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Personal and Team Effectiveness

Work teams are the essential bricks to the mortar of any organisation.  Management teams, self-managed teams, cross-functional teams, intact teams, virtual teams and project teams exist to effectively accomplish and set organisational goals and objectives.

In an era of teamwork and customer-orientation, an action-based intervention is the best model to establishing synergy within a team.  Our programmes incorporate elements of experiential methodology, profiling, case study, self-reflection and group discussion. 

winning teams

What differentiates high performing teams from mediocre ones is the ability to mobilise team members in a way that they are inspired, motivated and enabled to succeed as one team.  Winning Teams can be conducted as a 2-day, 1-day or a ½-day programme in an indoor or outdoor setting.  Our innovative activities, coupled with our energetic trainers, leave participants charged up.

good to great performance

The true measure of success is the extent to which one is able to carry out tasks in a way that requires minimum input in order to derive the greatest possible outcome.  Good to Great Performance is designed to help individuals become more effective and productive by taking ownership of their tasks.  They will learn how to improve the relationship with the people they work with and they ultimately walk out with a positive mindset.

unleashing your creative potential

Everyone has the potential of becoming a creative genius.  The question is the extent to which individuals harness their creative juices varies from one individual to the another.  Unleashing Your Creative Potential is a programme designed to introduce participants to a set of skills so that they are able to think-out-of-the-box to face the challenges that they may face each day.

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