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With more than a decade of industry experience and functional expertise across various sectors, Beacon Consulting offers innovative solutions that yield new insights, drive results, and make organisations more successful.

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An individual’s personality consists of a unique genetic make-up resulting from life experiences, how we were brought up, and an unique emotional machinery that each of us has within.  However, personality is only part of an equation. The other part has to do with how an individual responds to the environment or a given circumstance that produces thoughts, feeling, and behaviours. 
While you cannot change your personality, you can choose to change the way you respond to a situation.  That difference affects your mental map of the world, how you view others, how others view you, and makes CORE™ Profiling System a practical tool.



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Licensing of Beacon’s Training Programmes

Many organisations / individuals have expressed a desire to license our training programmes for use as in-house training programmes or for commercial reasons.  While we welcome your interest, we are particular about who we work with.  In order for us to assess your interests and capabilities and what resources you are able to commit, we require:
1. A brief about your current business
2. An overview of the market that you envision, and
3. A rough business plan including business development and staffing requirements

On our part, Beacon Consulting will provide the licensee with use of intellectual property, promotional materials, access to information, and support to ensure that everything is implemented seamlessly. 

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