Leveraging on over two decades of industry experience, the Beacon team is well placed to provide consulting services in various industries. With our time-tested frameworks and approaches, our goal is to provide clients with solutions that work. Our Advisory Interventions: 

Customer Centricity

Customer-Centric Initiative

We have a holistic approach that ensures your organisation has a strategy in place – processes are aligned, staff are equipped, and the culture continues to build from strength to strength.

Service Excellence 

From conducting a service stocktake or identifying competency gaps to ultimately developing strategies that help weave customer-centricity into the fabric of the organisation – our team of consultants are ready to provide you with expert advice.

Customer Engagement Analysis

We help you analyse and identify areas where customer engagement and customer relationships can be enhanced.

Human Capital Development

Job Fit Consultancy 

We help you ensure you have the right person for the job based on the competencies required. We work with you to define/revisit roles, craft role definitions and profile candidates.

Learning Needs Analysis 

We gather insight from your organisation and recommend which key competencies you need to focus on to be able to perform at your optimum level.

Development of Competency Roadmaps 

Ensuring that employees are equipped with the right competencies at the right time is key to ensuring continued growth. It’s time to assess your organisation and get started on your roadmap.

Aligning Performance Management Systems

Let’s review your Performance Management System to make sure it’s relevant, competitive and consistent throughout the organisation.

Leadership & Transformation

Multi-dimensional Feedback Inventory (MDFI)

Uncover blind spots from every level of the organisation. With the MDFI tool, leaders can obtain unreserved feedback from peers, superiors, colleagues and take appropriate action.

Leadership Traits Assessment Inventory (LTAI)

LTAI assess leaders based on globally accepted leadership traits and provides an in-depth analysis for evaluation purposes.

Trailblazing Transformations

Become a transformational thinker. We offer a series of workshops aimed to equip leaders to become “futurists”.

Leadership Coaching

We provide leadership coaching for senior and middle management using a structured developmental roadmap.

Process Improvement

As organisations evolve, inefficiencies are inevitable. We help undertake a full business process review, eliminate redundant processes, simplify the existing process, identify fall-points and fail-safe these areas.

Strategy Formulation

Crafting of Vision, Mission, and Values

Professionally craft your Vision, Mission, and Values. We analyse your business strategies, review core competencies and develop meaningful statements that inspire individuals.

Development of Corporate and Departmental Strategies 

We facilitate in the development of strategies that are meaningful, as well as ones that will help organisations scale greater heights.

Development of Scorecards and Performance Matrix

Translating strategy into action requires the establishment of measures that link individual performance to corporate goals. We provide consulting input for the development of scorecards.

Performance Consulting

Keep a regular check on the performance of your organisation. We provide an in-depth look, feedback and suggestions during internal management meetings.

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)

As technology advances rapidly, the need for organisations to optimise UI/UX across digital platforms is imperative. Tapping on industry best practices, our team of experts work with you on the journey towards the desired level of user satisfaction by conducting a current state analysis of the existing UI/UX infrastructure and proposing a more intuitive and enhanced UI/UX.


Beacon takes pride in being able to provide organisations with a holistic and integrated approach towards learning. From conceptualisation to content design, delivery to application – the goal of all of our learning interventions is to deliver lasting results and ensure transfer of learning in the workplace.

Training Programmes

Browse through our broad list of Training Programmes. We offer a variety of courses aimed to develop the most critical skills you need in the workplace.

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Public Seminars

Take your team to the next level with our high-impact learning public seminars. Get a chance to network and experience a Beacon seminar.         

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SSG Funded Programmes

Empower yourself and your team. Take advantage of up to 70% SSG funding and absentee payroll with our WSQ Programmes.                                                     

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CORE™ Profiling System

Identify your behavioural style and appreciate the different behavioural profiles with the CORE™ Profiling System.          

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Combining 2 decades of Learning & Development experience with technology. We address the gaps the modern worker is faced with.                 

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Motivational Talks

Engage our highly qualified speakers and give your employees that extra boost of confidence. We’ll focus on your organisation’s specific needs.       

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Our Research Services that work harder for you:

When we work together, you acquire access to our dedicated team of trained research experts who will distill and uncover deeper, targeted insights while unlocking cost and time savings. No matter which Beacon solutions we are partnering with you on, we can help you make good decisions quickly, and utilise your budget more effectively. See how we can work together:

Customer Experience

Collect feedback from your customers at every meaningful touchpoint and instantly review their comments with, Illuminate™, our real-time feedback dashboards. Share insights and recommended actions with key stakeholders who are in the best position to make changes and drive continuous improvement.

Brand Experience

Inspire unwavering brand loyalty, expand sales, and multiply market share with our predictive insights that go beyond traditional brand trackers. Advance your business with our dynamic approach to brand experience management that enables smarter and quicker decisions on the facets that matter the most.

Employee Experience

Gain unbiased insights from employees without compromising their anonymity. Take action before issues become widespread with our advanced statistical analytics and tools that model your employees’ experience with operational data to suss out key employee concerns / areas to focus on.

Product Experience

Launch products that consumers want by bridging your customer’s voice to your product development and iteration. Test your product ideas and build the right solutions through a debate of validation, measure the user experience and reliably evaluate the true performances of your product experiences.

Ad / Campaign Trackers

Appreciate the impact of your ad and know if it is building the desired associations for your brand, and if those associations have brand-building potential or otherwise. Track new campaigns and get insights delivered in an easy to understand dashboard. Adapt or tweak your business strategy quickly to the changing market dynamics with insight and actionable feedback that matters.

Facilitation / Virtual Facilitation–FGDs / IDIs

Focus groups opens up a different realm of soliciting information from consumers without using surveys or polls, which tend to be viewed as scientific and only produce quantitative data. Focus groups utilize qualitative data collection methods. Just as in the dynamics of real life, the participants are able to interact, influence, and be influenced – giving actionable insight into your customers’ knowledge of your brands, products, or services.

Surveys and Polls – CAPI, CASI, CATI, Digital

Fundamentally, a survey is a method of gathering information from a sample of people, traditionally with the intention of generalizing the results to a larger population. Surveys provide a critical source of data and insights for nearly everyone engaged in the information economy, from businesses and the media to government and academics

Mystery Audits

Mystery audits are objective, unbiased feedback from trained ‘customers’ (also known as mystery auditors) – to measure how organisations deliver on Brand Promises across markets, touchpoints and channels.

Panel Management: Consumers-on-Demand

Leverage on our inhouse panel-based collection to enhance the quality of your data collection. Adapt or tweak your business strategy quickly to changing market dynamics with insights into actionable data within 24 hours of your research going live.

Workshops (Action Planning and Creative)

We facilitate action planning / creative workshops that provide your organisation with a practical platform to transform operational data, survey results and qualitative feedback into meaningful action and improvements.


Are you looking for a facility to conduct a Focus Group Discussion, In-depth Interview or Training? look no further. Beacon provides facilities and infrastructure to meet your quantitative & qualitative and training needs at very affordable rates.


Focus Group Room

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