An individual’s behavioural style is a result of both genetics and the environment

While you cannot change genetics, you can take control of the environmental factors and  change the way in which you respond to a situation – using the CORE™ Profiling System. 

The CORE™ Profiling System, developed by Beacon, has been used successfully by many to develop a solid appreciation of behavioural styles. The versatility of the instrument has resulted in many organisations using it for different purposes, including

  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment
  • Sales Team Management
  • Service Quality 
  • Team Building

Unlock the mysteries of behavioural styles

CORE™ Profiling System is a practical tool that will unlock the mysteries of behavioural styles.  With the tool, you would be able to:

  • Identify your behavioural style
  • Appreciate the different behavioural profiles 
  • Develop communication strategies to influence the people you meet each day
  • Tap on the strengths of individuals to complement the weaknesses of others

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