Are you looking to inspire or uplift your team? Motivation leads to better performance and greatly boosts morale. Here are reasons to choose Beacon for your next motivational talk.


Tried and Tested

Our speakers have years of industry experience and are wonderful  story tellers. 

Quick and Powerful

We offer Lunch and Learn sessions where we go straight to business.

“We worked with Beacon for a series of lunch talks. Our employees had a great time learning and also getting motivated. We learned that consistency is the key. Thank you so much Beacon!”

-David, HR Manager

Woman Speaker delivering a motivational talk for Beacon

5-Star rating

Our speakers are consistently rated 5-stars by clients.

“Highly Recommended! Jonathan was very knowledgeable about our company and knew exactly how to inspire our team. His approach was very different and was definitely more effective than our previous speakers”

– May, HR Director

Ready for Anything

Whether you’re dealing with change, managing talent or preparing your organisation to compete at a new level we have a speaker for you.


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