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Gain a competitive edge for yourself and your organisation. With over 40 training programmes to choose from we’ve covered all the skills you’ll need to thrive in any environment. Through experiential learning, in-depth discussions and may more tried-and-tested methods, we’ll help you navigate challenges and capitalise on your strengths.  


Beacon offers training programmes on Communication

Familiarity breeds contempt and in the rush of deadlines and projects we take for granted that our words can impale and maim. We become complacent with other people’s feelings. The Effective Conflict Resolution” programme aims to educate participants on how to navigate every sort of escalating situation. (Read more)

In order to gain and maintain competitive advantage, organisations must invest in honing the talents and skills of not only their employees but critically, the employees who train other employees. This programme is designed for trainers by trainers, in the hopes that when you conduct your next training programme, participants will walk away in awe. (Read more)

At Beacon, we believe that EVERYONE can become a POWERFUL Presenter through proper training and coaching. From breathing techniques to how to ensure that you command the room you speak in, the skills that you acquire from this programme will transform your presentations into POWERFUL ones. (Read more)

Through this programme, participants will learn how to deliver the best experience by handling the needs of the customer with finesse and professionalism. The “Professional Telephone Techniques” programme is designed to impart core competencies to every employee who engages with others over the phone. (Read more)

The minutes of a meeting should be an easily understood indisputable record, and an authoritative yet user-friendly reference for follow-up actions. This programme has been designed to equip even someone of a modest linguistic background with the right competencies to take masterful minutes. (Read more)

This programme is specifically designed to equip participants with the competencies to become “conscious and effective communicators”. Participants will learn how to make full use of the spectrum of communication tools. From “active listening” to appreciating non-verbal cues, they will learn the secrets of positive communication strategies. Miscommunication can be costly to any business but it need not be. (Read more).


When your company experiences a crisis or disaster and your employees and customers look to you for answers and direction, what will you tell them? This one-day programme takes an immersive look at how to build a robust BCP and continuously refine and improve it until the tough times end. (Read more)

Leaders play a critical role in ensuring the change process is handled with forethought and sensitivity but many often start unprepared. Through this programme participants will learn how to provide clarity, direction, support and accountability to their teams. The change process does not need to be painful, but it starts with Leaders knowing which way to steer the ship before taking over the helm. (Read more)

There is a marked difference between a person who merely marshals resources to get the job done, and a person who charts unknown waters and who is looked upon for direction and wisdom. Which one are you? This programme has been engineered to re-ignite what is innate and latent within us all, a profound capacity to lead. (Read more)

Leaders are great fire-fighters, when times are tough people look to their bosses for direction but often, in the process of putting out the daily fires they lose track of the big-picture. This programme is designed to break the hold of the daily struggle to concentrate the attention of key decision makers on the long-term. By taking the long-view, organisations can begin to marshall resources now, so that they plough and plant seeds today to bear fruit in the future. (Read more)

The journey towards business excellence requires perseverance, focus and an unwavering commitment. Organisations that have embarked on the business excellence journey have recorded stellar results including increased customer loyalty, higher profitability, greater market share, and stronger employee engagement. (Read more)

Beacon offers training programmes on Leadership


Beacon offers training programmes on Sales & Marketing

Sales is about relationships, it is about going the extra mile to win their support and confidence and anticipating their needs. What drives this philosophy is not just personality but strategy and good planning. Through “Key Account Management”, participants will learn the SUCCESS framework and the art of managing key clients. (Read more)

When someone thinks of “value-adding” in sales, they claim it is the feat of personality. It is actually learnt, adopted and executed by re-imagining Sales from the customers’ perspective. Walking a mile in their shoes, allows you to add-value because you know where they are coming from. This programme aims to equip participants with the thinking tools and skills to “read” clients, navigate different stages of the sales process, and ultimately influence decisions. (Read more)

Telesales creates unique opportunities to add a human connection to every interaction. But, every call must count and every caller must be trained. We are no longer afforded the luxury of complacency that a reservoir of phone numbers once allowed. Every form of outreach can be maximised if people are trained to seize the opportunity and not allow it to hang-up on them. (Read more)

Going un-prepared into a negotiation is like surrendering before the first shot has rung out. Too many have walked into negotiations with weak strategies, low EQ and walked out battered and crestfallen. The programme will impart the importance of finding win-win solutions and groom participants to negotiate confidently, firmly and flexibly to achieve their ends. (Read more)


Do you remember the sales representatives you interacted with? Perhaps, the one that stood out did so because there was a subtle difference in the way they interacted with you, listened to your needs, made thoughtful recommendations and left you feeling with such a positive experience that you can still remember them and the brand that they represent. Great service is about the right mindset and the right skills. You want your employees to not only serve your customers but to delight them. (Read more)

Data is to Customer Service what the stethoscope is to a Doctor, it is a tool to help you see beyond the surface. In order to really understand if the engine is humming along just fine or at the brink of disaster, Managers. just as Doctors must learn to leverage the tools on hand to run thorough and derive meaningful diagnostics. (Read more)

Your employees are your ambassadors and so learning how to deal with customers with grace and dignity is never a bad investment, especially when things can go viral in an instant. This programme will equip participants with the behavioural skills and tools to become more competent, confident and level-headed in stressful situations. (Read more)

In a judgement-free environment, participants will be taught how to act in a way that exudes confidence. There is no shame in people’s flaws, but research has shown people tend to believe their initial snap-judgement which is why the first impression always counts. Which is why it is important to not only impress, but impress like a pro! (Read more).

To influence with finesse is to skillfully engage customers with grace, professionalism and charm. Participants will walk away being able to effectively communicate through active listening and master the art of asking better questions to arrive at a solid understanding of their customer’s needs. We can all influence, but the best do it with finesse. (Read more)

It takes years of experience to look at a customer and engage them with the right approach. This programme is to fill in a skills-gap that every sales professional should possess. Through this easy and interactive programme, staff will be taught how to execute the 8As of Service. These fundamentals are useful for those who are in urgent need to bring their sales and customer service game to the next level. (Read more)

Whether it is writing emails or reports, many of us make simple mistakes that can diminish the confidence of our customers and superiors. In fact, many individuals fear that their writing skills undermine the effectiveness of their communication due to many embarrassing, if not costly mistakes. This programme is designed to plug that gap. Through the programme participants will learn the core tenets of formal writing and how to communicate professionally and effectively. (Read more)

Beacon offers training programmes on Customer Service


Beacon offers training programmes on Managerial

This programme is designed to build on the experience of team leaders and Managers, to augment their knowledge with tools and ideas to become better coaches, mentors and ultimately better leaders. This power to empower others is not an innate talent, it has to be honed, trained and mastered. Navigating tough moments, becoming a friend and mentor, being that shoulder for others to lean-on helps create a positive and fertile environment for success for everyone. (Read more)

‘Managing for Peak Performance’ is a programme that delves deeper into performance management, allowing managers and leaders to chart the trajectory of each employee. Participants will learn how to manage staff with differing behavioural styles, set goals, while sharpening their coaching skills. (Read more)

In this Covid-19 world, the synergy of teams has come under strain. The intrusion of the screen has muffled the emotions that were once freely expressed. Fuzzy cameras, scrambled audio, and potentially half-dressed colleagues are some of the oddities now common in this world. So while meetings have moved into the digital space for the foreseeable future, so too must the tricks to run a good meeting. Your time is precious and the prospect of endless meetings is a fate that is far from enviable, so why not turn the idea of meetings inside out and reimagine the possibilities? (Read more)

The large-scale adoption of remote working presents opportunities and challenges for both managers and direct reports. The key is to ensure that business outcomes are achieved whilst employee engagement remains high. Managing Virtual Teams is a field guide for every manager and equips participants with the skills and know-how of deploying, activating, managing, and motivating teams to achieve shared outcomes. (Read more)

Positivity breeds productivity. We are all governed by our emotions and the endless waves of events in our personal lives can disrupt the harmony of our workflow. As a Leader, there is an overwhelming need to keep abreast of your employees mental state. Just as an engineer might keep track of every nut and bolt in his gargantuan production line so too must managers and team leaders. If even a single bolt comes loose, the whole line can come to a screeching halt. (Read more).

This programme has been designed to equip those who have to equip others. It will arm managers, HR and team-leaders with the core competencies to unleash the innate potential of every employee. Leaders play a pivotal role as path-finders, to shepherd teams to greater levels of success. This process, however, is a conscious and active effort, one that is often overlooked or poorly executed. (Read more)

Your competition is now a click away and with lesser foot traffic, every customer that walks in must walk out with a positive experience at the minimum. This programme has been specially designed to allow Retail Managers to review the existing level of customer experience that is being provided, pick up new managerial ideas and redefine the rules of the game. (Read more).

Everyone has a talent, but armed with your experience and the candidate’s resumes can you really spot the right talent for the job? This programme will equip you with questions and tools from psychology to prepare you to assess your candidates more effectively.People are like glaciers, we only ever see the surface but with these tools you can see deeper into your candidates and make more informed decisions. Learn to spot the talent and hire right. (Read more).


Too often, teams lack a useful, intuitive and easy framework on which to chart their path to success. This is a condensed but comprehensive programme on how to run an effective project from idea to implementation. Participants will learn to use the “Cycle of Project Excellence”(C.O.P.E) framework to revolutionise project management. In this immersive programme, attendees will translate theory into action through practical exercises and scenario-based learning. (Read more).

No one underestimates the power of a team, but very few know how to take a bunch of people and turn them into that high-functioning team. It is okay for everyone to be excellent in their respective fields, but greater heights await those who can turn those discordant voices into the harmony of a symphony. (Read more)

Performance Management is a thankless job that can ruffle most feathers, but if done well can turn any poor performer into a peak performer. While this programme cannot make up for innate patience or tact, it can equip participants with the ability to turn what many see as a pointless exercise into a meaningful opportunity to develop talent, passion and drive. (Read more)

The CORE Profiling System is a specially designed tool by Beacon, to map individuals onto 4 main personality types. Through this programme, participants will be taught how to use this intuitive and user-friendly personality model to quickly understand what makes their team tick. It does not classify people in good or bad terms, rather it seeks to mitigate the limitations of some with the strengths of others. (Read more)

With over 20 years of successful teambuilding experience under our belts, we have combined technology with what we do best – bringing people together! As remote work environments become the new normal, we understand that it is essential to keep and create meaningful interactions with your team. (Read more)

Beacon offers training programmes on Personal & Team Effectiveness


The world keeps changing and if we keep thinking the same way, we will be left behind. This programme has been specifically created to deconstruct the way we think to approach problems and solutions anew. Unshackle your mind and unleash your inner creativity by learning how to think by design. (Read More)

Ideas are rare things,they lie quietly in your mind waiting for the right neurons to trigger that connection that could be your next big break. This programme is about hacking that process by using thinking tools to reframe outdated perspectives. Participants will grow to see that the creative process is not an aberration or an anomaly that appears by luck but that has core principles that can be honed and developed. (Read more)

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