The world keeps changing and if we keep thinking the same way, we will be left behind. This programme has been specifically created to deconstruct the way we think to approach problems and solutions anew. 

“Design Thinking” workshop is predicated on supercharging the ideation process by centering it on 5 core principles. These principles include ideas being based on Collaborative ethos, an Optimistic mindset and a willingness to be Experimental. 

Design Thinking programme has been designed to have participants understand their goals, challenges, assumptions and to explore differing points of view to innovate solutions, develop prototypes and succeed in a world of change. Unshackle your mind and unleash your inner creativity by learning how to think by design.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand and apply the Design Thinking process.
  • Explore how design thinking can sharpen your focus on challenges.
  • Learn methodologies and skills to gather insights through primary and secondary research.
  • Apply lateral and innovative thinking methods to identify and develop solutions and ideas.
  • Bring ideas to life through prototyping.

Programme Highlights

  • Design Thinking Introduced
  • Design Thinking Framework
    • Empathise
    • Define
    • Ideate
    • Prototype
    • Test
  • Design Thinking in Action


  • Group Discussion & Reflection
  • Interactive Learning
  • Hands on Application

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