From Suspects to Prospects

While it may seem like social media and micro-targeting has sounded the death-knell on telesales, this is far from the truth.  Telesales creates unique opportunities to add a human connection to every interaction.  But, every call must count and every caller must be trained. We are no longer afford the luxury of complacency that a reservoir of phone numbers once allowed. 

“From Suspects to Prospects” is designed to get the most return on your investment, by training your staff to deliver effectively on their calls. They will be taught how to build rapport and trust, ask probing questions, uncover requirements and influence the outcome. From speaking clearly to having a professional and meaningful customer engagement, each of your staff will be able to get more out of each call. Every form of outreach can be maximised if people are trained to seize the opportunity and not allow it to hang-up on them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate why cold-calling is instrumental to revenue growth
  • Learn how to build rapport and gain customers’ trust.
  • Uncover customers’ requirements and needs.
  • Effectively utilise the 6-stage Customer Engagement Framework
  • Responding appropriately to objections
  • Master the art of making the most of every phone call.

Programme Highlights

  • Getting the Fundamentals Right
  • Winning Them Over
    • The Opening
    • The Compelling Reason
    • The 2-way Communication
    • The Solution
    • The Agreement
    • The Next Step

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