For most, if not everyone, virtual meetings are now part of everyday life. It would also probably be the most efficient way to conduct meetings too. However, the effectiveness of such meetings is highly dependent on how these meetings are conducted and the extent to which there is participant involvement and engagement.

How do we make virtual meetings engaging? What needs to be done to ensure that virtual meetings are productive too? During this highly engaging and interactive workshop, participants will learn the tools and guidelines of managing virtual meetings.


  • Understand why the conduct and management of effective virtual meetings is critical to every business.
  • Equip participants with a solid appreciation of the guidelines to conduct a virtual meeting.
  • Learn the ways to gain participation and engage the audience in a virtual meeting.
  • Conduct a virtual meeting with confidence and impact.

Session Highlights

  • Great meeting starters
  • 5 proven techniques to keep participants engaged
  • Leveraging on technology to make meetings fun
  • Making every virtual meeting come alive
  • Sound, Lights, Action!
  • Wrapping up with impact!

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