With over 20 years of successful teambuilding experience under our belts, we have combined technology with what we do best – bringing people together! As remote work environment becomes the new normal, we understand that it is essential to keep and create meaningful interactions with your team.

We offer a range of teambuilding activities with varying durations. From activities that can be conducted in 1 hour to programmes that can be delivered in 1 day. Let us know your objectives and we’ll customise the programme for you!

Participants just need 3 simple things:

1. Internet access

2. A mobile device (camera-enabled device)

3. An open mindset

Our team of highly engaging full-time trainers will make sure that your virtual teambuilding is fun, memorable and of course aligned with your team’s objectives.

Virtual Activities

We have many more!

What better way to bond the team together than to give them an opportunity to let his / hair down by showcasing a talent.

A relaxing adventure on a hot air balloon takes a surprising turn and make participants face a dilemma for survival.

Leverage on different behavioural styles. Learn how to communicate, synergise and influence others in a positive way!

Go on a journey to find the cure everyone is looking for. The future of the human species lies in your hands.

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