With over 20 years of successful teambuilding experience under our belts, we have combined technology with what we do best – bringing people together! As remote work environments become the new normal, we understand that it is essential to keep and create meaningful interactions with your team.

We offer a range of teambuilding activities with varying durations. From activities that can be conducted in 1 hour to programmes that can be delivered in 1 day. Let us know your objectives and we’ll customise the programme for you!

Participants just need 3 simple things:

1. Internet access

2. A mobile device (camera-enabled device)

3. An open mindset

Our team of highly engaging full-time trainers will make sure that your virtual teambuilding is fun, memorable and of course aligned with your team’s objectives.

Virtual Team Activities

We have many more!

ViFie Me

Get to know each other and foster team bonding!

Share with each other a unique strength through videos (ViFies). After each group has shared, a poll will be taken to determine the winning team.

Team Power

Highlight the power of synergy and establish a focus on the big picture

Obtain an activity template from our website and work with your team to complete the task. In order to do this, the team will need to share information and focus on the end goal.

Chain Reaction

Stimulate the create juices and encourage building on ideas

Start a story with the words provided. Next, quickly pick up from where the first participant has left off and continue the story. There will be twists and turns resulting in a fun and creative storyline.

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