Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Strategy formulation requires more than simply bringing the management team into a room to decide the future of the organisation as part of a retreat.  It requires an in-depth analysis of the internal and external “current state”.  This would include competitor positioning, business environment scanning, re-visiting core competencies, identifying opportunities and ultimately, ensuring that these opportunities are aligned to the vision of the organisation.

With the strategy in place, next comes implementation and execution of the strategy.  This may seem easy; however, many organisations fail miserably in the implementation phase of strategy deployment.  At times, deviations from agreed goals result in dire consequences.

Beacon Consulting prides itself in having helped numerous organisations in the area of Strategic Planning and Implementation.

crafting of vision, mission and values

Crafting corporate statements requires more than a group of individuals sitting together to develop a slogan.  It requires a thorough analysis of business strategies, review of core competencies, and developing meaningful statements that inspire individuals. 

development of corporate and departmental strategies

Developing corporate and departmental strategies can be a daunting task for many.  Leveraging on our industry experience and functional expertise, we facilitate the development of strategies that are meaningful, as well as ones that will help organisations scale greater heights.

development of scorecards and performance matrix

Translating strategy into action requires the establishment of measures that link individual performance to corporate goals.  We provide consulting input for the development of scorecards and performance matrix that are easily implementable and allow for ease of monitoring.

performance consulting

Keeping a regular check on the performance of the organisation requires diligence and feedback.  Over the years, we have worked with various management teams on a retainer basis by providing our feedback and suggestions during their internal management meetings.

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